Finance Monthly - Deal Maker Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards 2022. I ta l y 27 Domenico Costantino Founder Partner Domenico Costantino is a lawyer specialized in sell-side and buy-side M&A transactions and has managed numerous transactions creating bespoke agreements for his clients. More than 20 years of experience, Domenico carries out his professional activity in various areas of law, offering legal advice and assistance to both individual and legal persons. Graduated at the University of Bari in 1997 in Law summa cum laude, applause from the commission and invitation to pursue his studies, he licensed as a lawyer in 2001. His ability to seek practical solutions to complicated problems emerges already in 1999 when he is praised, as a complement officer of the Italian finance police, for having solved “with marked motivation, deep competence, spirit of sacrifice and commendable enthusiasm” numerous and complex problems related to the assignments, providing his superiors with unconditional collaboration, loyal and productive. In addition to being a lawyer, Domenico is adjunct professor of family law at the Department of Law of the University of Bari, professor of the integrated course of Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine - Department of Sciences of Motor Activities and professor of Private Law in sports at the Faculty of Medicine - Department of Sports Sciences and Techniques. He is the founder and member of the board of the Chamber for Insolvency Procedures of Bari, of the board of the Civil Chamber of Bari, arbitrator of the Arbitration Court of Bari and member of the Scientific Committee of the Bari Forensic School. Also expert in family law, he is a member of the Family Commission of the National Union of Civil Chambers, of the Observatory of Family Law of Bari and since 2021 he has been a consultant to the Parliamentary Commission of inquiry on the acts happened at the Community «Il Forteto». His skills also extend to sports law: he is a professor of Sports Law at the Italian Football Association (F.I.G.C.) and the Italian Olympic Games Committee (C.O.N.I.), as well as a member of the National Commission for School Activity FIGC. In this area, he was coordinator of the Legal Clinic of private law in the sports field called “Sport and Law”, founded by the Department of Law of the University of Bari and the Italian Football Association, particularly referred to the protection of minors in Sport as an element of innovation and development for the next European generations. Domenico is a member of the Commission for school activities of the Italian Football Association and President of the Commission for Child Protection Experts established by the Board of Directors of the Youth and School Sector of the Italian Football Association. Studio Legale Costantino is a law firm with a great family tradition, based in Bari. Studio Costantino brings together professionals with different experiences and consolidated skills, who manage activities with a synergistic and multidisciplinary approach in the field of civil, corporate, bankruptcy law, property, contracts and family. Studio Costantino operates nationally and internationally, offering individual and legal persons integrated judicial assistance and specialist advice services in various areas of law, as well as providing its clients with ever greater reliability and effectiveness. Another main asset of the Firm is that of the management of family successions in private and corporate clothes: it is a very delicate topic whose underestimation often generates irreducible conflicts to the detriment of the performance of companies. The Firm legally guides its clients in all stages of the transaction process, from the identification of potential M&A opportunities to the structuring and negotiation of the final terms of the agreements. The high professionalism, together with the attention paid to the client, constitutes for Studio Legale Costantino an essential requirement of its activity and gives it the ability to identify concrete, simple and rapid judicial and extrajudicial solutions for its clients. Contact W. T: +390805245093 E:

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